CountryBear Top 100 Songs For 2001

1-But For the Grace Of God                              Keith Urban
2-Second Wind                                           Darryl  Worley
3-Real Life                                             Jeff Carson
4-We Danced                                             Brad Paisley
5-Austin                                                Blake Shelton
6-Goodbye Is The Wrong Way to Go                        Wade Hayes
7-The Little Girl                                       John Michael Montgomery
8-The Hits                                              Perfect Stranger
9-I Canít Love You Anymore                              Larry Mitchell
10-As One                                               DK Davis
11-A Bible And A Bus Ticket Home                        Laverne Tripp
12-She Went Out For Cigarettes                          Chely Wright
13-She Misses Him                                       Tim Rushlow
14-There Is No Arizona                                  Jamie OíNeal
15-Iím Tryiní                                           Trace Adkins
16-As For Me                                            Arne Benoni/Dottie West
17-Ridiní With Private Malone                           David Ball      
18-Angels In Waiting                                    Tammy Cochran
19-Angry All The Time                                   Tim McGraw
20-The Tin Man                                          Kenny Chesney
21-Cowhand .com                                         Dan Roberts
22-This Is Gonna Be That Someday                        Troy Cook  Jr.
23-The Man He Was                                       George Jones
24-Cowboys Donít Cry                                    Eddy Raven      
25-Just Let Me Be in Love                               Tracy Byrd
26-The nite A Country Star Was Born                     Lamar Morris
27-I Didnít See The Angel                               Rick Stevens
28-On The Other Side                                    Eddie Thompson
29-Mrs. Steven Rudy                                     Mark McGuinn
30-A Cool One                                           Ray Griff
31-Donít Make Me Come Over There And Love You           George Strait
32-Iím Goiní Nowhere                                    Troy Cook Jr.
33-Where Does It Hurt                                   Warren Brothers
34-Go Back                                              Chalee Tennison
35-Destiny                                              Centrefire
36-I Drove Her To Dallas                                Ty England
37-Sideways                                             Darryl Worley
38-Somewhere under The Rainbow                          Joe Stampley
39-The Long Goodbye                                     Brooks & Dunn
40-Breaking New Ground                                  Pamela Anton
41-How Much Do You Love Me                              John Berry
42-Iím A Survivor                                       Reba McEntire
43-When We Touch The Heart                              Don Sepulveda
44-Cagey Bea                                            Junior Brown
45-Gettingí There                                       Terri Clark
46-Things Are not The Same                              Jim Fullen
47-The Mercy Seat                                       Johnny Cash
48-When I Think About Angels                            Jamie OíNeal
49-Leaviní A Light On                                   Rob Mashburn
50-To Life                                              Eddy Arnold
51-Iím Moviní On                                        Rascal Flatts
52-Where I Come From                                    Alan Jackson
53-Grown Men Donít Cry                                  Tim McGraw
54-Balloon Song                                         Mark Wills
55-Run                                                  George Strait
56-If you Ever Feel Like Loving Me Again                Clay Walker
57-You Still Take Me There                              Collin Raye
58-Live Close By, Visit Often                           KT Oslin
59-Some Things Stay The Same                            Pam Gadd
60-The Other Woman in My Life                           Lee Sims
61-Before The Next Teardrop Falls                       Lydia Miller
62-Little Things                                        Danni Leigh
63-Shadows                                              Billy Yates
64-Turning Off a Memory                                 Doc Holiday
65-Next to Nothiní                                      Gene Watson
66-if You Can Do Anything Else                          George Strait
67-Somewhere Between Hello & Goodbye                    Pam Anton
68-Little White Lies                                    Sally Jones/Tom T. Hall
69-Walls of Memories                                    Lamar Morris
70-Naturally                                            Tresa Street
71-No Fear                                              Terri Clark
72-Sure Fire Way To Burn A Memory Down                  Steel Toe Cowboy
73-There You Go Again                                   Kenny Rogers
74-Donít Happen Twice                                   Kenny Chesney
75-Iím Already There                                    Lonestar
76-3 Chord Country Song                                 Eddie Thompson
77-Jagged Edge Of A Broken Heart                        Bering Strait
78-Go On                                                George Strait
79-Will You Marry Me                                    Alabama
80-Careful What You Wish For                            Ricky Lynn Gregg
81-Til The Rest of My Life                              Native Mind
82-It All Comes Back To Me                              Doc Holiday
83-Wrong 5 OíClock                                      Eric Heatherly
84-Merle World                                          Jim Lauderdale
85-Keep Mom & Dad In Love                               Billy Dean/Suzy Boggus
86-Just One More Song                                   Blanchard/Morgan
87-Packiní Up Old Memories                              Troy Cook Jr.
88-What Children Believe                                Shenandoah
89-Complicated                                          Carolyn Dawn Johnson
90-Iíve Still Got It Bad For You                        Don Sepulveda
91-One Miracle At A Time                                Ronny Miller
92-Iím Just Talkiní About Tonite                        Toby Keith
93-I Just Couldnít Go On                                Jody Jenkins
94-Iíll Be There                                        Rick Hertless
95-Pour Me                                              Trick Pony
96-Angelís Eyes                                         Tamara Walker
97-Longnecks, Cigarettes                                Danni Leigh
98-All That You Could Be                                Kenny Rogers
99-Iím Kin to The Wind                                  Don Edwards
100-Only god Could Stop Me Loviní You                   Emerson Drive                           



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