CountryBear Top 100 Songs For 2006

     Rank  Title                                          Artist                          Record Co.
     01    Drinkin' Me Lonley                             Chris Young                     RCA 
     02    God Only Cries                                 Diamond Rio                     Arista
     03    I'll Wait For You                              Joe Nichols                     Universal South
     04    This Is Forever                                Maggie Austin                   Gulfwind
     05    Would You Go With Me                           Josh Turner                     MCA
     06    Seashores Of Old Mexico                        George Strait                   MCA
     07    Rain Or Shine                                  Anita Perras                    PineRidge
     08    Name On The Wall                               Doug Spartz                     Phono
     09    I Loved Her First                              Heartland                       Lofton Creek
     10    Crash Here Tonight                             Toby Keith                      Showdog
     11    Finding My Way Back                            Lee Ann Womack                  MCA
     11    My Little Girl                                 Tim McGraw                      Curb
     12    Hank                                           Mark Wills                      Equity
     13    Yee Haw                                        Jake Owen                       RCA
     14    I Wonder                                       DK Davis                        Rt.66
     15    Every Mile A Memory                            Dierks Bentley                  Capitol
     16    Drinkin' Money                                 Pirates Of The Mississippi      Evergreen
     17    The Silence Of Ageing                          Charlie Louvin                  CCR
     18    Brand New Girlfriend                           Steve Holy                      Curb
     19    I Don't Live Here Anymore                      Todd Fritsch                    Diamond
     20    18 Inches                                      Vince Hatfield                  Blue Moon
     21    The Present                                    T.Graham Brown                  K4Joy
     22    Watching You                                   Rodney Atkins                   Curb
     23    I Didn't Come Here To Talk                     Ray Scott                       WB
     24    The Last Day Of My Life                        Phil Vassar                     Capitol
     25    Something Like A Broken Heart                  Doc Holiday                     Gobal
     26    8th Of November                                Big & Rich                      WB
     27    Swing For The Fence                            Billy Dean                      Curb
     28    Don't Forget To Remember Me                    Carrie Underwood                Arista
     29    Rain On A Tin Roof                             Maggie Austin                   Gulfwind
     30    That's Where Love Comes In                     Lane Brody                      Records Records
     31    That's All I'll Ever Need                      Jimmy Wayne                     Big Machine
     32    Amarillo Sky                                   Jason Aldean                    BBR
     33    Startin' With Me                               Jake Owen                       RCA
     34    It Just Comes Natural                          George Strait                   MCA
     35    I've Still Got It Bad For You                  Don Sepulveda                   Doorknob
     36    Long Trip Alone                                Dierks Bentley                  Capitol
     37    If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away                   Rhett Akins                     BNA
     38    Tailgate                                       Neal McCoy                      903
     39    Find Out Who Your Friends Are                  Tracy Lawrence                  RCR
     40    Swing                                          Trace Adkins                    Capitol
     41    A Little Too Late                              Toby Keith                      Show Dog
     42    You Don't Know A Thing                         Steve Azar                      Midas
     43    You And Me                                     Native Mind                     Rolling Cloud
     44    Anywhere But Here                              Chris Cagle                     Capitol
     45    That Old Clock                                 Con Hunley                      Immi
     46    Overworked & Underpaid                         Dave Sheriff                    HotDisc
     47    It's In The Little Things                      Keyna                           Zero to Ten
     48    Last 10 Years                                  Kenny Rogers                    Capitol
     49    Once In A Lifetime                             Keith Urban                     Capitol
     50    God's Refrigerator                             Karen Taylor-Good               NCM
     51    California Cottonfields                        Vince Hatfield                  Blue Moon
     52    Cheapest Motel                                 Tracy Byrd                      Blind Mule
     53    Damn Right                                     Terri Clark                     Mercury
     54    The Dream                                      Porter Wagoner                  Gusto
     55    American Cowboy                                Monique Wells                   Floyd
     56    Mountains                                      Lonestar                        BNA
     57    Size Matters                                   Joe Nichols                     Universal South
     58    God Gave Me You                                Jim Ed Brown/Helen Cornelius    Door Knob
     59    Politically Uncorrect                          Gretchen Wilson/Merle Haggard   Epic
     60    Innocence                                      Sara Buxton                     Lyric Street
     61    A Few More Broken Hearts                       Troy Cook Jr.                   Stardust
     62    She Ain't Hooked On Me                         Toby Keith/Merle Haggard        Capitol
     63    All The Silence I Can Stand                    Tim Murphy                      Big7
     64    Not That Bad                                   Susan Haynes                    Epic
     65    Who's Bad Now                                  Michael ONeill                  Sleeping Trout
     67    My Daddy's Music                               David Cline                     Western Heart
     68    Kickin' Up Dust                                Pirates Of The Mississippi      Evergreen
     69    When The Stars Go Blue                         Tim McGraw                      Curb
     70    This Old Town                                  Chip Taylor                     Train Wreck
     71    Some Memories Are Better Left Alone            Kacey Jones                     IGO
     72    Don't Make Me                                  Blake Shelton                   WB
     73    Drinkin' Thing                                 Jeff Griffith                   Arrowhead
     74    Before He Cheats                               Carrie Underwood                Arista
     75    One Wing In The Fire                           Trent Tomlinson                 Lyric Street
     76    Some People Change                             Montgomery Gentry               Columbia
     77    What's Up With That                            Scotty Emerick                  Show Dog
     78    You'll Always Be My Baby                       Sara Evans                      RCA
     79    You Don't Know My Love                         Ronnie Milsap                   RCA
     80    Love Needs A Holiday                           Reba McEntire                   MCA
     81    Never Mind Me                                  Big & Rich                      WB
     82    On Angels' Wings                               Karen Taylor-Good               KTG
     83    Wishing I Was Home                             Lloyd Knight                    Rustic
     84    The Girl That Broke Joe's Heart                JC Andersen                     MTM
     85    Homecoming 1945                                Ed Bruce                        Lamon
     86    She's Everything                               Brad Paisley                    Arista
     87    The Circus Is Over                             Billy Yates                     HotDisc
     88    Diamonds And Love                              Well Hungarians                 American Eagle
     89    Love Without You                               Vince Hatfield                  Blue Moon
     90    Jesus Saves                                    Tommy Overstreet                Ready
     91    Down In Mississippi                            Sugarland                       Mercury
     92    Gettysburg                                     Michael Chain                   Hard Ten
     93    Same 'Ol Song & Dance                          Leland Martin/Chalee Tennison   Magnet
     94    Hollywood                                      Eileen Carey                    Rolleycoaster
     95    I Don't Dance With Strangers                   Becky Hobbs                     Stardust
     96    Blink                                          John Flynn                      Mettafour
     97    Love Will Always Win                           Garth Brooks/Trisha Yearwood    GB
     98    American Man                                   Marty Martell                   CountryDiscovery
     99    Half Of My Mistakes                            Radney Foster                   Dualtone
     100   Tennessee Girl                                 Sammy Kershaw                   Category 5
      Total: 100



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